The “Sound and laser bylaw” is the name of the Swiss regulation of dB levels at concerts. The demands on festival organizers are very strict compared to many other countries, both in terms of documentation requirements and in the penalty presented by the authorities if regulations are not complied to.

Both the festival organizers and the sound engineers trying to comply with these rules are often facing some tough challenges.
With the introduction of 10EaZy both parties life has become significantly easier.
We have received a very nice review from the organizers from the Paleo festival in Nyon Switzerland.

Mr André Crouzas writes:The organizing staff of Paléo Festival Nyon (Switzerland) hereby attest to have been using the noise level control system 10EaZy trough the 32nd edition of the their summer festival.

Founded in 1976, the Paléo festival today is the biggest open air musical event in Switzerland. With the aid of almost 4000 collaborators it hosts over 120 concerts on 6 days and 6 stages with a total audience of 225000 every year.
The festivals program privileges both known and upcoming names from the rock, French music, world music, reggae, hip hop and classical section, as well as the street theater section. More than 100 food stands, 5 restaurants, area for kids as well as a free camping area are available to the visitors.

It’s on the big stage, where the audience is over 25000 people, we have installed 10EaZy. Here the quality of the sound is of major importance, especially since the Swiss normative imposes us a limitation of 100dB(A) Leq over a 60 minutes period.
Since this normative has to be applied on the most exposed site it is necessary to have a loudspeaker system which enables a stable sound level on as big a part of audience area as possible. Since the front of house is placed 70 meters from the stage, it isn’t easy for the sound engineer to verify the actual noise level in an objective way.
The installation of the 10EaZy system has been very useful for the sound engineer. We have installed a second computer monitor connected to the main system to get the information as close to the front of house engineer as possible. This has been very useful since we have some evenings where we have 3 different bands playing, each one with its own front of house console.

Noise level measurements have been done for 20 years at the Paleo festival. Until this year it always had to be the person in charge of the measurement who had to inform the sound engineer with more or less luck in succeeding, psychologically speaking.
For the first time this year the engineer had a real time objective information of the noise levels. The advantage is that 10EaZy makes an integer analysis over a period of time which can be set. There aren’t any post surprises when studying the curves of the dosimeters. Also thanks to 10EaZy we can respect the Swiss sound and Laser ordinance (OSL)

The 10EaZy system has been an evident aid without compromises and with a “not to question” precision. On top of that taking 10EaZy in service has been very easy and intuitive.

We can’t but recommend the use of this system to every organizing team charged with the difficult task to control noise levels.