Since 2006, The Roskilde Festival, one of the largest festivals in Europe, has enforced noise limits at their 6 stages.

Denmark, as opposed to many of its neighbouring countries, do not have outdoor dB limits aimed at the audience, so the limits are a continuous effort to improve the festival experience for both participants, the neighbouring community and for the audience. Using time averaged Leq limits, introduced the need for an intelligent yet simple noise monitoring solution. 10EaZy was developed specifically to suit this purpose.

The Roskilde festival site covers a wast area and long walking distances. Using the web-viewer capabilities offered free of charge with the 10EaZy system, it is possible for the production office to comfortably monitor all 6 stages in real time from their centralized office.

 Paul Jensen manager of staging and audio at the Roskilde Festival says:
”Introducing dB limits was a natural step for us in our effort to improve the festival. However we wanted a ”fool proof” solution that would not generate extra work for the sound engineers at the stages and at the same time ensure us reliable measurement results for post processing. We searched for different solutions, but 10EaZy was just what we were looking for. The very simple setup and highly intuitive user interface helped us in implementing the noise limits without compromising the sound quality at the festival”

Asked about the reception of the program by sound engineers from around the world Paul Jensen continues:

“Being some of the first users of 10EaZy we were very excited about how this would be received by the bands’ sound engineers. I personally witnessed several concerts where the sound engineer immediately got the concept of 10EaZy and used the green / red indicators throughout the show to ensure compliance with the limit.”

Mr. Jensen continues “…over the years we been logging the sound levels at the stages with a handheld meter, so we had a pretty good idea of the sound level played at the different stages. Immediately after introducing 10EaZy at the stages, we noticed a drop in average concert sound levels of approximately 2 – 3 dB. This reduction came simply from presenting a clear indication of sound level to the engineers as the system engineers reported, that they usually didn’t have to force people to reduce the sound level.”