In February 2008 the EU directive 10EC was implemented throughout Europe. The strict limitation on noise exposure towards employees also applies to VEGA. Being the largest venue in Denmark with 2 halls accommodating more than 2000 happy concert guests several nights a week, a good compromise between health and safety of the employees and the concert experience for the visitors is needed. With the set & forget approach of 10EaZy and the “no tampering” security of the sound card, the system was well suited for this very popular venue.
Two systems have been installed in the two major halls of the Venue.

Former Production manager Mr. Flemming Nielsen explains: “We where very excited once introduced to the 10EaZy system. Combining a very intuitive and sound engineer friendly approach with storing sound level measurements for later reference is the ideal combination for us. When we started using the system we noticed an immediate effect to the overall sound level at concerts in the venue. It appears to us that if the sound engineers are presented with clear indication of how loud they are, there is a tendency to generally play at lower levels. This is good for our customer satisfaction, because the audience have a better experience. Additionally this is really good for our employees and neighbours as the noise we spread to the surroundings is kept at a minimum.”

Additionally 10EaZy has been used at VEGA to map out the sound levels at various bars throughout the venue. Doing so gave the venue a rough estimate of the noise exposure presented to the employees. The results where used to select an appropriate type of hearing aids in order to comply with “AT bekendtgørelse nr. 63”, the Danish equivalent to EU directive 10/EC. Using the E-mail option that comes with 10EaZy the log-files from every hall is stored in the production office mail archive, for future reference – something that has proven very useful for dealing with customer and neighbor complaints.

The combination of the appropriate hearing aids and a well defined and musically suitable dB limit of 103 dB(A) over 15 minutes ensures that VEGA is capable of presenting any kind of artist at a safe yet satisfying sound level.